- About Me and The Healthy and Safe Lifestyle Brand 

About Me 

I’m a passionate cancer survivor, long-time product innovator/developer, beauty expert, and healthy living educator.  My most exciting venture to date is the development of my very own Healthy & Safe Lifestyle Brand and the opening of my Beauty & Wellness Center. 

I believe everything happens for a reason and I hope you do too.  My health crisis and journey back to wellness was a blessing in disguise and it made me SUPREMELY AWARE about the environment, food, beauty, health and emotional connection.  When I took a break from the industry, I started to piece together how my immunity failed, how to fix it, and lastly how to maintain it.  I created what I coined The Free Life Recipe,  a mind, body, spirit approach that helps you to be the best version of you – A COMPLETE YOU – A BALANCED YOU.  These are things you won’t learn at your most popular salon, doctor’s office, and from you very own FDA.  The US standards continue to include a minimum of 26 ingredients that are already banned in other countries. Are you aware of that?


I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing, I have 20 plus years experience in the field, and I have a history of developing popular cosmetic products.  My personal run in with cancer at 33 shifted my focus and perspective on ingredients 100% and now I am back in the game to develop what not only works but what is also a HEALTHY & SAFE alternative to products we love to use.

Through the years, I have been featured in mainstream editorials – such as US Weekly and Florida Today.  I have a large client base that involves anyone from television actors, fashions models, film crew, to the average person just looking to enhance their natural beauty.

I hold an aesthetics license with the Board of Cosmetology (skincare procedures), certification in make-up artistry for tv, fashion, and film from Make-up Designory of Soho, NY, and accreditation through the Living Foods Institute for Natural Healing Modalities.  Don’t let me forget my knowledge from the best school of them all, the School of Hard Knocks.

I promise I know my stuff and I am a well studied authority of what I share on this site and with my product line.

I love my husband Mike who is an amazing nurse practitioner – he is the polar opposite of me and if you are ever around us at our Beauty & Wellness Center it will make you laugh.   We are a powerful team when it comes to the approach to conventional (him) and alternative medicine (me).  !



We live in a world that it would be impossible to be 100% toxin free.  I promote balance and not extreme insanity- the happy medium!  My  movement is all about taking small steps that over time make a huge impact overall.


In the words of the late and great Joan Rivers – no publicity is bad publicity! Thanks for visiting, reading, listening, sharing in my products – Peace!

Keep checking back for videos, podcast, and the expansion of the Healthy and Safe Line!