A healthy immune system is your body's first line of defense to protect you from disease & sickness. It fights off everything from bacteria, to viruses, to super bugs! Healthy & Safe 6N1 Immune Defense helps boost your immune system by synergistically combining a POWERHOUSE of natural ingredients known and studied to give your body an immediate boost and necessary protection.  Known to be 20X more effective than stand-alone Vitamin C this blend is AMAZING!


When your immune system is weak, compromised, or not functioning at full capacity, you’re literally putting yourself at risk to invite illness & disease. While a weakened immune system can compromise your entire health and well-being, a strong, well-functioning immune system  is your best weapon to fight and prevent disease and illness!


Just 2 capsules a day helps strengthen your immune system, and also assists in equipping your body with exactly what it needs


Vitamin C - Immune Defense

The all natural, high-quality Vitamin C provides a host of benefits. Taken together with Zinc, it has been shown to help improve patients’ outcomes of pneumonia, diarrhea, and even "crisis" conditions such as malaria.


Elderberry - Reduce Upper Respiratory Symptoms

A January 2019 study found that supplementation with Elderberry may substantially reduce upper respiratory symptoms.  These findings present an alternative to antibiotic misuse for upper respiratory symptoms due to viral infections, and provide a potentially safer alternative to prescription drugs.


Zinc - Limits Free Radical Damage, Fights Colds and Viruses

Zinc is a powerful supplement found in the tissue of the body and is needed for cell division. Individuals who are vegan, vegetarian, or suffer from acid reflux or digestive issues are at high risk for deficiency.  Research found that Zinc may substantially improve cold and virus-related recovery efforts.


Echinacea - Has Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The wide-ranging anti-inflammatory benefits of Echinacea have been known in herbal medicine for centuries. A popular study conducted by the University of Wisconsin Medical School also found an increase in immune stimulation for the treatment of acute respiratory infections.


Garlic - Balanced Health & Wellness

Multiple studies have highlighted the vast health and wellness effects garlic can have on the body. Garlic may help reduce triglyceride levels, and has even been considered as a natural solution to treat high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and provide stimulation for immunity.


Turmeric - Anti-inflammatory Properties

Even at lower doses, curcumin has shown that it can improve antibody responses. This attribute suggests that turmeric’s reported benefits on various diseases may be partially due to its aptitude to modulate the immune system.



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6N1 Immune Defense

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