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The Healthy & Safe Deodorant (Mountain Pines) is certified organic, vegan and non-gmo.....no aluminum, propylene gylcol, phylates, bpa, or any chemicals for that matter! With countless testimonies to prove it.....YES IT DOES WORK!


I took this project very serious because our lives depend on it!  It has been a solution to many of my fellow cancer survivors and also a multitude of health conscious people that want to avoid the chemical overload.


It's been a labor of love.  It was birthed as a solution to my very own personal struggle with having lymph nodes removed and surviving cancer. 


I know you will love it, smell good, but most importantly be using something that is 100% non-toxic.  

"I make my products like I love my friends.....Non-Toxic!"


Ingredients(Vegan): 100% organic coconut oil, 100% organic carnauba wax, 100% organic arrowroot powder, 95% organic shea butter, natural baking soda, & Organic Essential Oils (Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine, Sage, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Lemon)





Healthy and Safe Deodorant (Mountain Pines)